1. What is the mobile unit division at sunshine state law office?

At Sunshine State Law Office, we have developed a revolutionary new legal service.  Our 26 foot RV's house our entire legal operations so that we can meet you anywhere and at anytime.  Our attorney's and staff are equipped with the latest mobile technology so that your legal issues can be resolved efficiently.  Call us and let us service you at your Charlotte, Lee, or Collier County location.

2. How do the fee structures work at Sunshine State Law Office?

Most attorneys will require a "Retainer" – a large initial deposit placed in the firms trust account to be used for the time they spend working on your case or file. The attorney then bills that retainer per hour based upon their hourly rate, generally between $200 and $400 an hour. If your attorney speaks to you on the telephone or even sends you an email, your retainer is reduced by their hourly rate. Once the retainer is used up, you will be required to place another deposit.

At Sunshine State Law we offer flat fees for all services to all clients. No hourly billing for phone calls, emails, faxes, court appearances, legal drafting, etc. Never spend $175 for a phone call again!

3. What is the iLawyer Program?

Many clients come to us with the same complaints about their previous lawyer: "As soon as I give my lawyer a large deposit, I never hear from him again!" Communication with all of our clients is a top priority. The iLawyer Program allows you to receive instant text alerts in real time as your case or file is being worked on in our office. The alert states what work was done, which attorney worked on it, and how much time was spent. With the iLawyer Program, you are always up to date with the status of your case from the initial client set up to the final resolution. Standard Text Rates May Apply - Please Check With Your Service Provider

4. What is the Sunshine Legacy Program?

Ready to discover your family story? At Sunshine State Law, your estate and legacy planning is more than just a pile of legal papers. Your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren make up who you are. That is why we offer an available Genealogy Report for all Wills and Trusts clients to learn about who you are, where you came from, and who your ancestors are. We search hundreds of thousands of census and voter lists, birth records, marriage and death records, military and immigration records to build your family tree.  By learning where you came from, you will be able to confidently plan for your own legacy.

5. What happens when I call The Sunshine State Law Office?

A Florida licensed attorney, or our wonderful legal staff  will politely answer your call ready to assist you.

Call now: 239-790-4477